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Western countries lift COVID******

More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the global infections and deaths have waxed and waned in different parts of the world.

As the Omicron variant of the coronavirus appeared more contagious and less lethal, several Western countries, where cases have been falling in recent weeks, decided to lift their restrictions.

In its latest report issued on Tuesday, the World Health Organization said the number of new weekly COVID-19 cases increased by 8 percent last week, as compared to the week prior to it, after "a consistent decrease" in the caseload since the end of January.

"The number of new deaths continued a decreasing trend," globally down by 17 percent last week as compared to the week from February 28 to March 6, the WHO added.

In the United States, the worst-hit country with the highest caseload and the most deaths in the world, President Joe Biden called on Americans to return to the office and "fill our great downtowns again" in his State of the Union Address earlier this month.

The United States has recorded around 79 million cases and over 960,000 deaths, while daily cases continue to drop, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"We currently have about 35,000 cases in this country. We expect some fluctuation, especially at this relatively low level, and, certainly, that to increase," White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said at a press briefing on Monday.

Across the Atlantic, the British government said Monday that all remaining COVID-19 international travel restrictions will end Friday to make going on holiday easier for the Easter school vacation.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the changes will mean people "can travel just like in the good old days."

Britain recorded an average of 73,310 cases per day last week, according to COVID-19 statistics from The New York Times. The country's caseload has increased by 77 percent from the average two weeks ago, while deaths have fallen by 10 percent.

France also lifted most coronavirus bans on Monday, ending the need to wear masks in schools, offices and shops, and allowing the unvaccinated back into bars, restaurants and cinemas.

Official data showed COVID-19 cases in France have increased by 23 percent from the average two weeks ago, while deaths have decreased by 37 percent.

On Tuesday, Dutch Health Minister Ernst Kuiper announced that the government would further scale down COVID-19 rules from next Wednesday. The mask obligation in public transport will disappear, and a negative test is no longer required at events with more than 500 participants.

In Oceania, daily COVID-19 cases have been falling in Australia, but still rising in New Zealand.

Australia said on Tuesday that it is about to ease its entry ban for international cruise ships next month, bringing an end to all major COVID-19 travel bans. Last month, Australia reopened its airports to vaccinated international travellers.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Wednesday that the country was "ready to welcome the world back" as the nation continued to ease its coronavirus restrictions.

"Closing our border was one of the first actions we took to stop COVID-19 two years ago. It did the job we needed. But now that we're highly vaccinated and predicted to be off our Omicron peak, it's now safe to open up," she said.

Runner up Dortmund overpower Stuttgart 2******

BERLIN, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- Borussia Dortmund reduce the arrears to Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich after moving 2-1 past resilient Stuttgart by courtesy on Marco Reus' late decider in the 12th round on Saturday.。

The "BVB" started highly motivated in front of home crowd and came to early chances as Reus rattled the woodwork in the 7th minute before unmarked Donyell Malen headed over the target from inside the box six minutes later.。

As the match progressed Stuttgart aligned its defence and was able to keep Dortmund's offence at bay.。

Stuttgart eventually reaped the best chance of the first half when Tanguy Coulibaly's dangerous effort, following Orel Mangala's header into the box, forced Dortmund goalkeeper Gregor Kobel into action with 38 minutes gone.。

After the restart, Stuttgart took over, but it still was the hosts, who broke the deadlock after Malen's deflected 18-meter hammer surprised Stuttgart goalkeeper Florian Muller in the 56th minute.。

Dortmund's advantage didn't last long though as Philipp Forster dispossessed Manuel Akanji before sending Atakan Karazor, whose through ball allowed Roberto Massimo to restore parity at the hour mark.。

The hosts responded well as Muller had to tip Akanji's long-range shot to the bar in the 67th minute before Reus and Malen missed the target from promising positions in the closing stages.。

Dortmund eventually shocked Stuttgart with the 2-1 winner in the dying minutes of the game as Reus finished off a counterattack following a Stuttgart corner to secure all three points on home soil.。

With the win, second placed Borussia Dortmund sit just one-point away from front runners Bayern Munich meanwhile Stuttgart slump onto the 16th spot, which is a relegation play-off spot.。

Elsewhere, three first half-goals paved the way for Borussia Monchengladbach's 4-0 victory over last placed and newly promoted Greuther Furth 4-0.。

Wolfsburg scored twice in quick succession to secure a two-all draw at bottom side Arminia Bielefeld.。

Amine Adil's early opener ensured Bayer Leverkusen a narrow 1-0 victory over Bochum while Hoffenheim shocked Leipzig 2-0. Union Berlin defeated Hertha Berlin 2-0. Enditem。

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大家希望的詹姆斯·韦伯太空望远镜(The James Webb Space Telescope ,JWST)将在12月22日发射火箭升空,科技界对它很有可能发觉的宇宙的奥秘激动不已。这台望眼镜的发射,早已延迟了十年之久,成本也大幅度超过预算约90亿美金。好多个小问题来简易了解一下这台深受希望的望远镜吧。

What is the James Webb Space Telescope and when will it launch?

Nasa is preparing to launch a space telescope that will see further into the Universe than anything else ever built.。


The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has taken 30 years and $10bn (£7.5bn) to develop, and is being described as one of the grand scientific endeavours of the 21st Century.。

詹姆斯·韦伯太空望远镜(JWST) 的开发设计用时 30 年,斥资 100 亿美金(75 亿英镑),被觉得是 21新世纪最宏伟的科学探索之一。

What is the goal of this telescope?


The telescope will be able to see just about anything in the sky. However, it has one overriding objective - to see the light coming from the very first stars to shine in the Universe.。


These pioneer stars are thought to have switched on about 100-200 million years after the Big Bang, or a little over 13.5 billion years ago.。

这种最开始星系被觉得是在爆发后差不多1亿到2亿光年,也就是大概 135 亿光年前打开的。

Why would we want to see the first stars?


这个由近万个星系构成的图像被称为哈勃超深空(the Hubble Ultra Deep Field),由哈勃太空望远镜在环绕地球400圈后积累影像数据而成。  这一由近万只星系组成的图象被称作哈勃超太空(the Hubble Ultra Deep Field),由哈勃太空望远镜在环绕地球400圈后累积影象数据信息而成。

When the Universe was formed in the Big Bang, it contained only three chemical elements - hydrogen, helium and a smattering of lithium.。


Every other chemical element - including those vital to life, such as carbon and oxygen - had to be forged, or "manufactured", by nuclear reactions at the centre of stars.。


Webb will help us understand the origins of everything we see around us, and how we came to be.。


How does Webb differ from existing space telescopes?



It's much bigger than the Hubble telescope, which has been orbiting Earth since 1990.。

它比自 1990 年至今一直紧紧围绕地球上运作的哈勃望眼镜大很多。

Hubble collects light using a main mirror that's 2.4m (7.8ft) across, while Webb has a primary mirror that's 6.5m in diameter.。

哈勃应用直徑为 2.4米(7.8 英寸)的主镜搜集光源,而韦伯则应用直徑为 6.5米的主镜。

With all the other associated equipment, Webb is about the size of a tennis court. It's so big, in fact, it has to be folded to fit inside its launch rocket.。


But the key aspect of Webb is that it is tuned to detect light that Hubble cannot - in the infrared. This light is invisible to the human eye, but it's the type of light in which the glow from the most distant objects in the Universe will show up.。


When will it launch?


At the moment, Webb - named after James E Webb, the Nasa boss who oversaw the Apollo Moon-landing project - is scheduled to go into orbit on Wednesday 22 December.。

现阶段,这台以承担阿波罗登月新项目的美国nasa厅长詹姆斯·韦伯的名称定名的太空望远镜方案于 12 月 22 日星期三进到路轨。

It will be launched on a European Ariane-5 rocket from French Guiana. The European Space Agency is a partner on the project, and has agreed to take on the responsibility of getting Webb into space.。


How much has Webb cost and why?


Nasa spent $8.8bn on Webb's design and build, and it will put in a further $860m to support five years of mission operations.。

美国nasa在韦伯的制定和修建上耗费了 88 亿美金,并将再资金投入 8.6 亿美金来适用五年的每日任务运作。

The European Space Agency has invested about €700m (£590m) in the project, contributing to two of Webb's four instruments and providing the Ariane launch rocket. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) also put in about CA$200m (£120m).。

欧洲航天局已在该新项目中项目投资了约 7 亿欧(5.9 亿英镑),为韦伯的四台仪器设备中的两部作出了适用,并出示了阿丽亚娜火箭发动机。澳大利亚航天部门 (CSA) 也资金投入了约 2 亿加元(1.2 亿英镑)。

It all adds up to a figure in excess of $10bn (£7.5bn; €9bn; CA$12.7bn).。

这一切斥资加起來超出 100 亿美金(75 亿英镑;90 亿欧;127 亿加元)。

It's true Webb is years behind schedule, and it's suffered on occasions from poor project management. But some of the money has been spent on technology developments that have had wider application elsewhere - for instance, a measurement tool created for Webb is now used in precision eye surgery.。


For context, Hubble has so far cost close to $15bn in today's prices. Few would doubt its worth after all its discoveries over the past 30 years, and the James Webb Space Telescope is expected to be no less revolutionary.。

目前为止,哈勃以今日的价钱测算的成本费已贴近 150 亿美金。非常少有的人会猜疑它过去 30 年来的使用价值,并且詹姆斯·韦伯太空望远镜预估也一样具备颠覆性。






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